Flange Ball Valve

Model JD-58/PN16/PN40 Two pieces direct mounting pad ball valve Flange Ball Valve

A Flange end ball valve is a full bore ball valve with a flanged connection. The usage of the flange ball valve is to allow or stop the flow in the pipeline system and ensure the pressure within a pipeline system or process. The full bore type operates with a quarter turn and the handle of the valve can be rotated at 90 degrees ISO square mounting pad on the valve body allowing the actuator to mount on it rather than using handle for easy operation. Besides, the flange end ball valve has a spherical disc for the purpose of opening and closing the flow of the fluid. The design of the flange end ball valve presents a strength of tight and leak-free sealing even after years of operation. They are important components in a pipeline system installation that convey liquids, gasses, slurries, etc. The feature of the flange ball valve allows the connection between the accessories (such as gasket, bolts, and nuts) and the two flanges. There are various types of connection of flange end ball valves, however, the main material for this particular ball valve is stainless steel (SS316) with a PTFE seat. Flange ball valve is available ranging from 1/2” to 6”. SIZE: 1/2"~6"(DN15~DN150) full port two pieces direct mounting pad flange ball valve


  • blow-out proof stem
  • ISO5211 mounting device
  • Temperature range: -20 to 180℃
  • Design: EN12516-1
  • Flange Dimentions:EN 1092-1 TYPE 21 PN16/40(RF SF)
  • Test:EN-12266-1
  • Flange Length: EN 558-1 F4/F5(DIN 3202 F4/F5)

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