Stainless Steel Safety Valve - ss ball valve

Model S11CT Stainless Steel Safety Valve

Stainless Steel Safety Valve Application:

High-temperature system, water system, caustic system, sanitary pipe, and so on.

Stainless Steel Safety Valve Operating Principle:

After installing in the piping system, the safety valve will work automatically when the pressure of medium in the system is reaching to the set value. It releases pressure to protect the system.

Stainless Steel Safety Valve Technical Parameters:

  • Operating pressure: 0.1 ~ 10Bar.
  • Operating temperature:FKM Sealing:-20~180℃, RPTFE Sealing: -60~280℃, PTFE Sealing: -60~170℃, EPDM Sealing: -40~110℃


General material of Stainless Steel Safety Valve

No. Name FGX-A81
1 Cap SS316
2 Adjust Screw SS304
3 Nut SS304
4 Gasket Ring PTFE
5 Spindle SS316
6 Spring SS304
7 Valve Body SS316
8 Spring Seat SS304
9 Disc SS304
11 Nut SS304
12 Gasket Ring PTFE
13 Valve Seat SS316



lnlet*Outlet D Lift L1 L2 H
50.5 26 2 45 44 182

Unit: mm

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