Three-stage segmented pneumatic flange bearing fluorine ball valve

The general use site is in the bulk system of petroleum and chemical products and the industry of desulfurization and degreasing

The pneumatic segmented ball valve affect the ball valve to open and close twice between 0° and 90°, and achieve the control of the flow in the pipeline. During the loading process in the storage area of the oil, the valve is fully opened to start loading. When the tanker is close to the set value, the valve is opened again to the 30° position to achieve slow opening and slow closing. It can also be set between 0-60° on-site to meet the on-site control of different flows.

Pneumatic segmented ball valve is composed of segmented three-position pneumatic actuator and ball valve. Among them, the three-position pneumatic actuator provides an operation mode of 0°-45°-90° or 0°-90°-180°, and the position is adjustable through the movement of two auxiliary pistons to generate mechanical brakes, such as 30 °, 50°, 75° and other positions. The installation of the pneumatic actuator on the valve needs to consider the operating torque of the valve and the safety factor recommended by the manufacturer. The structural principle of the ball valve determines that the operating torque of the valve is determined by the friction between the ball core and the valve seat, the valve stem and the packing. The maximum torque occurs when there is a pressure difference and the ball core rotates in the closed position to the opening direction. The three-stage ball valve can be used to achieve two opening and closing of the ball valve between 0° and 90° to achieve the flow rate in the pipeline. Controlled to reduce the impact on the equipment. Because the three-position pneumatic segmented ball valve can realize the ball valve to open and close twice between 0° and 90°, and control the flow in the pipeline, it is widely used in petroleum and chemical industries, desulfurization and gentrification industry system.